Sustainable Development within Océ PLT Créteil

Océ PLT aims to be a responsible company and takes part, at its scale, in specific actions or over a longer period, at the environmental protection. Our environmental policy is a part of our activities and adheres to the Canon Group’s Environmental Charter.
By establishing and operating an Environmental Management System, we continuously to improve and control our environmental performance and impacts.

If you want to know more about Océ’s global policy regarding its involvement for the environment, you can click here.

Tertiary waste recycling

Since the end of 2016, we have set up a recycling service within Océ PLT through an eco-responsible company who works with disabled people.

  • They recycled more than one ton of paper, more than 140 kg of plastic cups, 13 kg of cans, 17 kg of plastic bottles and 8 kg of batteries
  • We also donate computers to charities for reuse when it is possible and if not, their parts are recycled

Reduction of energy consumption, energy transition and green growth

  • Mobilized and concerned by the global warming over the years, Océ PLT has been participating in the “Earth Hour” event by switching off the lights on the site and making its employees aware to do the same at home.
  • We also encourage our employees to switch off their computers every evening, and we are seeing more involved people for this goal
  • By implementing an IT virtualization system, several dozens of computers where replaced by one server
  • Océ PLT is also involved in reducing pollution and is concerned by the health of its employee. We encourage them to come at work by bike by giving a kilometric compensation.

Océ PLT’s growing commitment for sustainable development is an important part within our company as well as individual level in a constant concern for improvement and this is just the beginning …